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MGA head vs. MGB head - have I lost my head???

Subject: MGA head vs. MGB head - have I lost my head???
From: Phil Bates <>
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2005 21:55:32 -0600
It's really not that question, but I like the subject line.  I drive a 
'58 MGA that has a 3 main MGB motor - but it has a 1500 head on it.  
That's the way it came to me when I bought the car.  I have a spare 1800 
head, and am concerned that the old 1500 (which I had rebuilt several 
years ago) may be cracked.  Anyhow, long story short - too late - I 
think I'm getting a little more power from the 1500 head due to smaller 
combustion chambers (i.e higher compression).  Assuming it is still good 
(I do have to get it checked for cracks) I'm considering putting the 
1800 head on the car.  What's the general opinion - will this decrease 
or increase my power??  Bigger valves, but more combustion chamber???  
How's the tradeoff go there??  Anyone have experience with it??

Phil Bates

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