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Re: Electrical

To: "Eric Erickson" <>
Subject: Re: Electrical
From: "Phil Bates" <>
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005 13:24:51 -0600 (MDT)
Those old switches without relays do cause a lot of problems.  I've
installed relays in a lot of locations on my cars - it keeps the switch
good - but then you have to deal with failing relays too.

Phil Bates

> On 13 Jul 2005, at 12:15 AM, wrote:
>> Brian,
>> I had my headlight switch crumble in my hands last winter.  I had a
>> suspicion something was amiss when it stopped clicking from one
>> position to the  other
>> and just slid from off to position/fog lights to full lights.  If
>> it  happens
>> like my experience, it is very possible for a hot lead to come on
>> contact
>> with the dash board's metal backing.  That's my guess.
> Ha!
> I posted some of my "electrical" experiences to this list when I
> joined - so many electrical bits (switches and wiring) have been
> replaced that I never have electrical problems these days... hold
> on... so why is she sitting in the garage with a flat battery??? That
> story later...
> I remember two good ones.
> Firstly I remember driving in the very dark hills outside of Adelaide
> just after midnight on new year's (a few years ago now) with a lovely
> girl who I promised a top-down drive to bring in the New Year.
> Remember, New year in Australia is the height of Summer, and it was a
> hot one this night.
> Driving along an unlit twisty bit of the road (which most of it is
> there), hit a small bump and the headlights die immediately.  Pitch
> black and her scream resonated throughout the hills :-)  Stopped and
> pulled off the wires from the switch - twisted them together and
> drove home safely.
> I replaced that switch with one of a similar vintage and a few moths
> later I turned on the headlights only to be greeted with a stream of
> smoke from behind the dashboard (in the middle of five lanes of
> traffic).  THAT switch just crumbled as I removed it.
> Yes - it is likely to be the switch :-)
> Eric
> '68MGB MkII
> Adelaide, South Australia

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