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Flickering Ignition light

To: "MG list" <>
Subject: Flickering Ignition light
From: "Steve Gorr" <>
Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2005 22:51:12 -0500
So the 78 B and I head up to the BRIC race weekend at Road America and on the
way the ignition light goes on. The roadside check shows I'm getting 14.3v at
the battery. I cleaned the contacts on the alternator but the light remains.
Doesn't seem to be losing any charge after several days driving. Starts out in
the morning with just a faint, pulsating flicker. Pulsing snot affected by
load but the higher the revs the brighter it gets. Finally, when fully
warmed/hot the light is on constantly but a bit dimmer than at "bulb check"
time. Perhaps one of the 3 diodes is shot?

What is the list's collective wisdom? Rebuild the alternator, replace it with
another Lucas unit, or get one of those Bosch units I've heard of? If the
Bosch is supposed to be better, which one do I go looking for?

Steve Gorr
78 MGB, Carmine

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