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RE: Dash covers

To: "'Malcolm Jeffcock'" <>
Subject: RE: Dash covers
From: "Howard Battan" <>
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2005 07:17:47 -0700
Thanks, Jeff. Do you happen to recall the brand of the one that fit so well?

Can others recommend a good brand?


Howard Battan
'57 MGA
'79 MGB

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Sent: Tuesday, July 19, 2005 3:48 AM
To: Howard Battan
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Subject: Re: Dash covers

                there are "repair" over lays on the market that are
amazingly good fit and not apparent as being "overlays". Obviously as a
repair item they are glued in place with a silicone adhesive but you
probably could install one on a "non-permanent" basis allowing it to removed
as you wish when you see fit. They are a surprise as to how good they are. I
had a '75 B with the typical cracks on top and after getting encouragement
from the members of the MG list I bought one and was, as I said above,
amazed at how difficult it was to detect that it was there.

                Other than installing one on a "non-permanent" and
preventive basis about the only other thing I could suggest would be to
cover the dash when the car is left standing in the sun...


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