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Pits are the pits

To: "'Paul T. Root'" <>
Subject: Pits are the pits
From: "Stuart MacMillan" <>
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2005 08:28:25 -0700
Well, the quickie-lube places have used them for years, but maybe that's
contributed to the apparent brain damage that most of the people working
there exhibit.  

My biggest fear would be turning it into a big BBQ pit with a fuel spill. 

Stuart MacMillan

Paul wrote:

There was also heavier fumes that would sink into the pit and
asphyxiate the owner.

Bob Howard wrote:
>   In some communities a pit is illegal.  I've been told that the reasons
> include auto fluids deep in the ground and fire hazards.  The fluids
> objection makes some sense, though I don't see why fire would be more
> likely in a hole than on the surface of the earth.   Some towns have
> forced pit owners to fill them. 
> Bob

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