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Laugh of the Day

Subject: Laugh of the Day
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2005 12:10:24 EDT
Laugh of the morning. Traffic diverted to one lane on the main drag on the  
way in to work.
Where it opened up again there was a kid stopped at the red light in a Mini  
Cooper (BMW, not BMC). Another kid in a fairly new Civic, with  his baseball 
cap on backward (to the uninitiated this indicates a loss of about  50% of the 
IQ points he started out with - often lamentably few in the first  place) 
carefully pulls around him on the right so that he can start off in the  other 
Mini driver sees him. Revs motor. Brain trust in Civic revs back. Light  
changes. Both cars floor accelerators and drop clutches.
Unfortunately the delay of the red light must have exceeded our Civic  
driver's attention span, as he failed to realize his front wheels were still  
pointed at about a 45 deg. angle toward Mini. Prangs Mini amidships.  I  drive 
around them, to work, laughing as I go. 
Scary thought - this twerp, obviously ill-fitted by nature to operate  
mechanical devices, may one day wind up in government, running things.  Aghhhh!

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