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Re: MGB Brake Bleeding Problem

Subject: Re: MGB Brake Bleeding Problem
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2005 21:53:57 EDT
Thanks, Dave,
The master cylinder is holding brake fluid even with the bleed valves  
removed from the calipers and rear brakes.  The pedal (middle one) simply  goes 
the floor.  I would think that fluid would leak if there was a  break 
somewhere.  I'm suspecting there is a lot of air and the system needs  primed 
or it's 
clogged.  The car hasn't run for at least five years.
Steve Hughes
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I have never had much trouble bleeding my 72 B.   Since none of the wheels 
want to bleed, I would suspect the master  cylinder or perhaps a leak that 
prevents any pressure to build up.   If the pedal is hard it may be a 
blockage between the M/C and the  front/back balancer that is mounted on the 
driver's inside front  fender.

Good luck,

Dave 72 B
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Subject: MGB Brake Bleeding  Problem

> MGB experts:
> I can't get front or back  brakes to bleed on the 72 MGB I acquired a 
> month
> ago.  I  did get fluid once I took the bleed valves out but after 
>  rebuilding
> the calipers: no fluid.  I haven't gotten any fluid to  bleed  from the 
> rear
> brakes.  How do I get the  fluid to flow?
> Thanks.
> Steve Hughes
>  Gainesville, FL

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