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RE: Weber 38 DGES

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Subject: RE: Weber 38 DGES
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Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 20:16:22 -0400
I suspect you mean an MGB.
The stumbling you mention is quite common and a result of using a carb
originally setup for another car, I believe.  Every B I have driven with a
Weber of any kind suffered from the malady, even the '80 I bought new and
put a 45 DCOE on.  I think you'll find the consensus on this list is to put
the SUs on, and I'd agree.

Safety Fast!

Gordie Bird
'62 MGA

> Folks, I recently bought a '79 MGA that a PO's mechanic had modified for
> him. He replaced the distributor with what my mechanic (one that
> knows MGs)
> says is a 45d4 model. In addition, the Zenith/Stromberg has been replaced
> with a Weber model 38 DGES downdraft carb. The car had been partially
> de-smogged, and I finished the job by removing the air pump, air injection
> manifold, and gulp valve.
> I have a question about the Weber carb. Is the 38 DGES a good fit for this
> engine? Would a 32/36 DGV be better? I also may have the
> opportunity to put
> on some SUs to replace the Weber. Is this a better option (I know how to
> maintain and adjust SUs).
> The engine runs pretty well, but is not overly powerful, and it often
> stutters on medium-hard acceleration from low throttle positions.
> Any and all experience and advice on this issue is welcomed!
> Thanks
> Howard Battan
> '57 MGA
> '79 MGB

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