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Re: This is scary stuff

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Subject: Re: This is scary stuff
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Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2005 23:08:23 -0400
THAT is the exact same unit I currently have. It came in a kit
containing that analyzer, a timing light, a starter jumper switch,
and vacuum/pressure gauge. Hmmm... I'll bet mine is nearly
15+ years old, and all of it still works perfectly (and all of it
gets used quite regularly)   I guess I'm saying... and more
simply put.... its a good unit.  At $30 it's well worth it!

Paul Tegler

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Subject: Re: This is scary stuff

> On 7/23/05, Bob Howard <> wrote:
> > Hi Mike,
> >   Sounds like progress.
> >   The points gap, also measured as "dwell", has great influence on the
> > timing. .Try to get a dwell meter while they might still be available in
> > stores. They are obsolescent tools these days, but we need them for our
> > MGBs.
> A couple or more years ago, someone on the list pointed to the Sunpro
> "Inductive engine analyzer" for sale at a good price -- I bought one
> then. I can see one on Ebay now for $29.99:
> Simon

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