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Re: Brake Lights

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Subject: Re: Brake Lights
From: "Eric J Russell" <>
Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2005 10:29:28 -0400
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> From: "Brian Lundgren"
> Subject: Brake Lights
> The brake lights aren't working on my '79 B.  We tested all around and
> have come to the conclusion that the wire is bad somewhere between the
> switch and the lights.  What's my best option, just running a new wire or
> search and search for the break?

If you are certain the wire is bad - I suspect running a new wire would be
the quickest, easiest way to get back on the road. Is the brake light switch
adjusted properly? IIRC, it can be screwed in or out to change when it
contacts the pedal arm.

BTW, the most common difficulty with tail lights on our MG's are the ground
connections. There are a couple of spots inside the boot (trunk) where
grounds are ganged under a screw head. Clean this connection - the spot on
the body around the screw hole should be cleaned of corrosion/paint. Apply a
little di-electric grease to stall off further corrosion.

Also, I had trouble getting one rear turn signal to 'blink' on our '78 'B. I
traced wires, cleaned connections, etc, etc, etc. Finally I changed the
bulb - mostly because I had the lens off to change another bulb and figured
I'd just swap it 'pre-emptively'. The turn signal subsequently started
working correctly! I guess bulbs get old & tired too...

Eric Russell
STOC #2860
Mebane, NC

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