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Subject: timing
From: "Daniel Williford" <>
Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2005 20:37:00 -0500
I am resurrecting a 1971 BGT that has been sitting (garaged, fortunately) for 
the last five or six years. As the former owner of a 73 B roadster, I'm pretty 
familiar with the car's workings, but am a bit stumped by the timing pointer on 
this vehicle. It is situated such that I can feel it, but not quite see it. And 
when using a timing light from above, cannot see either the mark on the crank 
pulley nor the timing pointer. 

As I understand it, the PO had the engine rebuilt in 97 or 98 (18 GK motor). Is 
it possible that in the rebuild, the pointer was improperly reassembled? The 
Bentley manual illustration indicates quite a bit more of the pointer visible, 
and I don't recall having any problems with this on the previously mentioned fact, unless I'm greatly mistaken, the 73 timing mark was at the top 
of the pulley, not at the bottom (18V motor).

Any insights are appreciated...

1971 BGT

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