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Amended CCBCC July 24th Event Report.

Subject: Amended CCBCC July 24th Event Report.
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2005 23:35:41 EDT
Oh was I ever in trouble when my wife (the intelligent part of our  
marriage!) got home and read my report saying we had 150 LBC's show up to the  
24th CCBCC British Car Show at the Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard, CA.  She 
pointed out that I failed to mention that there were nearly 200 British cars  
there in total if one were to count the cars that showed up and but didn't  
register or sign up as part of the judged event. And the parking lot had it's  
fair share of really nice British cars, too! Plus we let people who  showed up 
in their mostly vintage and newer LBC's as well, onto the lawn area  way past 
the final cut off, to just come in and frolic amongst the rest of the  LBC's 
& madcap revelers. One other bit of info that I'd like to share is  that the 
event location actually had it's own "Winner's Circle" that allowed the  
winners to make a loop up to the judging area, smile for the camera and pick-up 
their trophy. Then after their 30 seconds of fame and glory return and join the 
rest of us lesser mortals! Really a nice touch. Also I'd like to thank our 
hard  working committee. They made the event appear to be seamless. Funny how  
other peoples hard work always seems to make things appear to run smoothly. So  
Thank you Don Greene, C. Darryl Struth, Don Cole, Jim Belardi and our club  
President Dave Wellwood!  Plus a special Thank you to all of the volunteers  
always are there when you need them. Finally, the great Oxnard weather,  a 
nice, balmy 73 degrees with a soft breeze off the water,  just about perfect 
weather for a British Car Show!
Albert  Escalante
1978 MGB, 1977 Jaguar XJ-6L, 
Central Coast British Car  Club
Ventura, CA.

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