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Re: Another electrical question

To: "Howard Battan" <>, <>
Subject: Re: Another electrical question
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2005 19:03:39 +0100
The spade on the fusebox that is not normally used is connected by a link
internal to the fusebox to both of the top two fuses i.e. the parking lights
both sides.  It sounds like someone has added a wire from that terminal to a
circuit that is live when the ignition is on (either a white or a green).
The inlet manifold heater *is* supposed to be powered from a green which
goes back to a 4-way bullet connector that will be in the vicinity of the
brake light switch, other greens go from that connector to the brake light
switch and the electric screen washer, the 4th green in that connector is
the 12v supply from the 2nd fuse up in the fusebox.  If you have 12v on all
those components with this extra thick green wire disconnected from the
fusebox then it should be discarded.  If it goes into the loom it must have
been re-wrapped, it isn't a factory wire.  It could be that the original
green feed to something developed a bad connection and a PO added the extra
wire as a quick and dirty way of bypassing it, sticking it on the only spare
spade on the fusebox.  With the fault on it would only have done its job
with the lights on, so maybe that is how he drove.  Maybe that fault has
since cleared itself.


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> In tracking down why my parking and running lights are always on in my '79
> when the key is on, even with the light switch in the 'off' position, I
> that there is a heavy green wire connected to the fuse box on the terminal
> that is normally not used...

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