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Re: New member = wet wet wet now

To: James Kleemeyer <>, Scott Bonacker
Subject: Re: New member = wet wet wet now
From: Hans Duinhoven <>
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2005 21:20:35 +0200
What a bad world we live in.
When I left work in Amsterdam, a heavy thunderstorm was pooring all it's 
rain over the city.
We only could drive some 35 M/h on the highway.
For weeks it's very wet and too cold for the summerseason.
The weatherforecast for tomorrow is even worse: water trouble is expected - 
i.e. some flooding.
So I'll clean my in-house pump, in order it will do it's job tomorrow.
My garage is half below street level and our house is quite below sealevel 
would you believe.
Luckily the garage only has been flooded earlier for a small part (BGT's 
tyres can cope with that...)

One nice thing the BGT has passed the annual safety test, though message 
was, that next year the front shocks need replacement.
Other message was worse - engine needs overhaul - main bearings rattle and 
some pressure loss in cyl 3... Yeap oil consumption is quite high.



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> Boy, if only that was possible! It has been over 100 here in western
> Illinois everyday for the past week and hasn't rained in weeks. Saturday 
> the
> local tv station reported a new record heat index of 122. The fields of 
> corn
> are all dying, the soybeans aren't far behind. And before you guys in the
> south or southwest start telling us how hot it is there, remember, I'm
> talking about the mid-west for crying out loud. It's not supposed to be 
> this
> hot here.
> Jim K.
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> From: "Hans Duinhoven"
>> Send us some heat accross the Atlantic to the wet and cool Netherlands.

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