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Timing, overheating and my MGB

Subject: Timing, overheating and my MGB
From: Mike Torrusio <>
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2005 22:52:29 -0400
I have received so much great advice from all of you - and it has come 
so hot and heavy, that I thought I'd take a moment to recapitulate and 
present a clearer picture of my self and my various plights.
I first drove an MG on the streets of NYC in 1954 ( and I haven't a 
clue which one it was except it had a beautiful straight up and down 
radiator and could turn corners at 35 mph) and have wanted one ever 
In 2000 we moved to main and somehow or another I found a man who 
wanted to sell his 1071 MGB ( his wife was ready to give birth with 
their third child and there was no way he was going to ever drive the 
MG again).
Now, I haven't worked on cars since my flathead Ford days ( 11.5/1 
milled aluminum heads, dual two throat Stromberg, I believe carbs, 3/4 
racing cam and it could beat 55 overhead Fords in the 1/4 Mile.  As for 
Chevys - Ha!) so I used the mechanic that everyone said did the work 
for MG owners in Maine.
Over the last 5 years, I have poured ( a good word) almost 7 grand into 
the car and it still doesn't work to my satisfaction.
Most specifically, this last year I (supposedly - I'm beginning to 
think I've been screwed) I have had all four springs replaced - and the 
car still is low on the left rear; a new clutch, new "street cam" ( 
supposedly runs a bit rough but has more ummmppphh); two "factory 
rebuilt" carbs, new air filters, new oil cooler, two replacement  Tachs 
(the first went bad in two weeks) four "factory rebuilt" shocks, a new 
driveshaft (make that two - the first one "blew" at around 80 mph two 
weeks after installation, a new heater motor and a new heater control - 
on the engine.
After all this work, the car as I first said when I cried out for help, 
wouldn't go over 4500 rpm on the highway, ran hot, hot hot - pegged at 
the "H" (with or without a thermostat), gave me maybe 14 mile to the 
gallon and "dieseled" when I shut it off.
Now, it's been, what, maybe 40 years since I've been under the hood, 
but I figured, I can't screw this car up anymore than it is, so I'm 
ready to go.  I just don't quite remember it all as well as I did.
I've adjusted the points, and that made a huge difference.  I do not 
appear to have any timing mark, so I'm going to have to figure how to 
set the timing.  I'm at least ahead of the game in that the engine runs 
and so all I need to do is fine tune the timing.
I did buy a new distributor from Moss and it doesn't have a vernier.  
Now, it may be that the new "Made in China" ones don't have one, or it 
may be that I have the wrong one.  I guess I should call Moss and get 
an answer to that question.
There is no vacuum hose to the distributor so I will add that piece.  
Then I will take it out and see how all this monkeying with the 
distributor has affected my heating problem.  If it still runs hot then 
I think I will change my water pump.
So.  That's my story and that's where I'm trying to go.  If any of you 
have suggestions as to a specific course of action, I would be most 
thankful to receive your words of wisdom.
My goal is to keep this baby going.  It is my only and everyday car; I 
drive it fast and I want it to be around for a while.
Thanks for all your past advice.  I look forward to your future help.


Michael Torrusio, Jr.
Proud owner of that blur that just whizzed by you - Brit Green '71 and 

Research Associates, LLC
P. O. Box 18194
Portland, ME 04112


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