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RE: MGA windshield wipers

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Subject: RE: MGA windshield wipers
From: "Gordie's Garage" <>
Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2005 18:24:51 -0400
Actually, RainX will work satisfactorily.  Last year on the way to Watkins
Glen, we drove through the remnants of hurricane Francis (I think).  It
rained for @ 20 hrs straight, we on the road for @ 10 of them.  The A I was
traveling with (Steve/Cathy Holliday) had no wipers as the motor died
shortly after the rain started.  There was some pretty hard rain and with
applications of rainx he was able to keep up no problem.  Then this year
when my BGT died (trans layshaft)at the NAMGAR GT I was fortunate enough to
drive Jeff Zorn's A home while my BGT got a ride in his trailer, however, it
poured for the last 35mi, his wiper blade had the rubbler wiper part
separate from the rest, so couldn't use the wipers.  Other than when a truck
or large motor home passed, I didn't have any trouble seeing.  Mostly the
wipers on an A just p*ss you off!  I would like to hear the reports of how
Cecilia's work.

Safety Fast!

Gordie Bird
'62 MGA

> Dan
> Scarbourogh Faire has some new wiper arms which she had made up with a
> stronger spring in them - I havent tried them yet but saw them at
> the GT in
> Michigan a few weeks ago.  Seems like they may apply somewhat
> more pressure
> to the glass than the originals.
> BTW dont think Rainx would do much good in a downpour such as you
> describe
> and which we are experiencing at this very minute here in Central Florida.
> Rick
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> Sent: Saturday, July 30, 2005 17:30
> Subject: MGA windshield wipers
> > When my friends at work are concerned about me getting wet on
> my way home
> > in
> > my MGA, I always tell them that "I laugh in the face of rain Ha Ha Ha".
> > I've
> > gotten caught a few times and made it home with only a wet head.
> > Yesterday
> > mother nature got even!  While on the only stretch of two lane highway
> > with no
> > shoulder and no place to pull off, I got caught in a torrential
> down pour,
> > what we call a "Louisiana toad strangler".  When I turned on my trusty
> > wipers
> > (for the 1st time in a heavy rain) I was quiet alarmed to learn that the
> > blades had little or no blade to glass pressure and did nothing to wipe
> > the
> > water off the glass.  Fortunately I was barely able to see the
> tail lights
> > on
> > the car in front of me.  I'm sure glad he didn't run off the
> road because
> > I
> > would have been right behind him.  Anyway, some how I made it to a gas
> > station
> > canopy and was able to wait the storm out. For those of you who were
> > patient
> > enough to read this story, I now have a question.  Does anyone
> know of a
> > brand
> > of wiper arms / blades that will work on an MGA?  After my adventure, I
> > inspected the ones on the car (new ones from Moss) and found
> them to look
> > good, but to be very flimsy and totally inadequate for wiping water.  I
> > tried
> > to bend the arms hopping that would apply more pressure. Didn't work.
> > Rain X might have helped if I had re-applied some after the
> last washing.
> > Thanks,
> > Danny V.
> > '58 MGA (daily driver)
> > '76 MGB (project)

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