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Re: need info: trailer hitch RBB

Subject: Re: need info: trailer hitch RBB
From: Bob Howard <>
Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2005 19:49:18 -0400
  A U-Haul agent cobbled a hitch for my '75 MGB.  As I recall, there was
a fore&aft piece that attached to a cross bracket near the front of the
spare tire well floor, and another smaller cross bracket that bolted
through the rear of the well.
  It worked great for me, towing a Laser on a trailer for thousands of
miles.  Hooking up lights was the greatest hassle.  I used one two lights
each side, one a dual filament for tail & brake,  and a single filament
fixture for turn signals.  It is possible to merge the MG system into a
two-filament US system, but I never could get it to work reliably.  A
filament for each function worked well.
  MG Owners Club sold hitches a few years ago too. They may still.  If
you get theirs, keep in mind that it's probably made with a 50mm ball,
not the 1 7/8 USA ball.

On Sun, 31 Jul 2005 15:43:16 -0400 "Eric J Russell"
<> writes:
> I am interested in being able to tow a small trailer behind our 1978 
> MGB.
> Wondering what those who have done this found for attaching a 
> trailer hitch 
> to the MGB. I've seen the info on Mr. Gaylord's site about a hitch 
> for the 
> MGA. But our 'B's don't have a real chassis...
> Eric Russell
> Mebane, NC

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