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Subject: smoking
From: "Gordie's Garage" <>
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2006 19:47:56 -0400
Okay, I'll try and stir something up.

Steady blue smoke, obviously oil burning.

History...1622 with supposedly only @50k miles was bored to .030 upon
disassembly, no ridge, no need to go any larger, just a hone.  Pistons in
good shape, gaps all looked good.  Crank turned .010, new cam bearings with
orig cam.  Head was re-done with hardened seats and hot s*it valves, but
stock valve seals.  It was assembled and driven for 3k miles.  Dry
compression upper 130's all cyl, wet compression upper 170's, all cyl.
Conclusion, rings never seated.  Motor had to come out anyway as trans had a
problem (turned out to be a cracked 3rd gear syncro)so re-hone and do it
again.  Discovered rings with a .030 end gap, way big.  Re-assembled motor,
all new bearings again (not cam), just because, and shopped rings this time
and found some with only .023 end gap.  All other gaps well within book
tolerance.  Oh, for the record, my machine shop assembled crank and pistons
in the block, and I completed, the first rebuild.  I did all of it the
Well, now have @ 70 miles on second rebuild in 6 mos and steady blue smoke.

I'm think'n valve seals.  Ordered ST-2001 from via info from
Barney's website and plan on installing this weekend.

Any other ideas before I begin taking it apart again?

Safety Fast! 

Gordie Bird
'62 MGA with a sick motor

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