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Subject: RE: Smokin
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Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2006 05:25:49 -0400
Hi Gordie,    The 1622 block has a very high chrome content for long
life. It is not compatible with chrome rings for the very reason of slow or
NO seating. Use plain cast iron rings and it should seal up. A friend
rebuilt a 1622 in 1980 and it took 3000 miles to seat the rings and only
then after it ran on the verge of overheating for a 100 mile trip.  Ford
F150 trucks had the wrong rings factory installed at one point in the 70's.
The dealer "recall" fix was to pour less than a 1/2 teaspoon of "Bon Ami"
cleanser into each plug hole.I've never tried this but it apparently saved
Ford lots of money.
                                 Doug Keeble


Thanks Doug,
Funny you mention that.  The first set of rings (shiny, but not chrome)
developed a ridge of sorts on the edge.  Like the edge folded over rather
than cutting the cyl wall and seat.  My machinist also mentioned the Bon Ami
fix although we haven't tried it, yet.  I think I'll see if I can find any
other reference to using Bon Ami.  When I first started the second rebuild,
I ran it sans coolant for a couple of minutes just to heat it up quickly.  I
partially attributed the lack of seating on the first rebuild to my driving
style.  My tranny wasn't right, so I tended to drive differently to avoid
shifting, which was not a good thing.  This time, with tranny right, the
first 70 miles have been better.  I think I'll take it to work today and see
what it's like.


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