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Subject: RE: MGA Supercharger
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Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2006 17:48:52 -0400
I've had the opportunity to drive one.  I've driven Jeff Zorn's for a couple
hundred miles and I can definitely say the performance is great.  He blows
away my BGT (very stock and tired) in a straight line.  I chatted with
Jeff's mechanic who did the install and he said it wasn't too bad.  From
what I saw, it must have been a b**ch.  Some very tight areas that you have
to work in.  IIRC, the lower rad hose is really hard to get to.  I don't
recall how long the install took, but I'm thinking the better part of a day,
or maybe a little more.
I see the big advantage in highway driving, which I seldom do, so I have no
interest in one for my car.  I'd also be concerned with the wear, especially
on a 3 main motor.
It is fun to drive, the boost comes on as much more linear than the jolt I
get when the turbo comes on in my A4.
Jeff, would you do it again?
I suspect he would.

Safety Fast! 

Gordie Bird
'62 MGA


Hi all, has any list member got any experience of the MGA Supercharger as
supplier by Moss? I'm interested in fitting one to my 1960 MGA 1600 and was
keen to hear comments from others.

Is it a viable installation?
What are the pro's & con's of installing one?
Does it make a noticable difference to performance?
Would you do it again?

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