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MGA Turn Signals

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Subject: MGA Turn Signals
From: "Mike Razor" <>
Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2006 18:31:35 -0400
Success!  I found it neat to disassemble and see how the "electropneumatic
trafficator timer" worked.  The bottom line was my cotton ball was flat.
Yeh I know, that's what they all say!  Not knowing this to be the main
problem I went ahead and checked everything.  The leather seal looked supple
and had lubricant on it and I was able to place my finger over the back
hole, press down on the spring and it would stay in place.  I took a
paperclip and pushed the cotton wad out and rolled it and stretched it then
replaced it.  I did buy some white grease and reapply grease to the leather
seal.  I had to run up to the local parts store for white grease and the
clerk was not sure what lithium grease was and if they had any so he asked
"what's it for" and I said my electropneumatic trafficator timer.  He acted
like he knew what it was.  I wonder if I asked if they had any in stock what
his response might have been. :-)

Reassembly was not complicated but was a little cumbersome as the spring
kept pushing out the flat part with all the connections.  I pushed the
spring back down and put a piece of tape over the rear hole and that held it
in place while I finished putting the three screws in.  One of the brass
contact bars was stripped out so the screw would not stay in place so I
glued it the bar in place.

Anyway, I was out two bucks for the lithium grease and now my turn signals
stay on much longer.  They stay on so long now I look like the old man
driving that forgets to turn them off.  Hey, that's what I am.

Thanks to all for the help and advice on a small but neat repair.

Mike R

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