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Re: Why I like my rubber bumper MG ( was Re: MG Pricing)

To: "Henry D. Reynolds" <>
Subject: Re: Why I like my rubber bumper MG ( was Re: MG Pricing)
From: don <>
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2006 19:51:20 -0700
Sorry.  Cars are a matter of individual taste.  It's just that the newer Bs 
had more complexity when new, then when you compound it now with 
deterioration due to the age of the cars, it makes them a challenge to 
operate I would think.  Miatas are commonplace and they lack low rpm 
torque, but they are low maintenance and that means a lot to me now that 
I'm old (57).   I've even found that I can do many repairs on my Miata 
myself (I credit years of British car ownership for training me in auto 

At 06:56 PM 08/10/2006, Henry D. Reynolds wrote:

>man oh man! (flame on)
>somebody buy my MG so I can get a miata.
>Well I for one enjoy my RBB. I just put a peco exhaust and eet rawks
>One trick it can do is idle in traffic almost indefinitely without 
>overheating in 95+ degree heat. none of my CBBs ever mastered that trick.
>Another thing I like about my RBB is that I have never heard that 
>sickening "clunk" that you hear when the rear axle slams into the bump 
>stops. even lowered (by time) the rear suspension does not bottom.
>and i don't worry when parallel parking in this college town.
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