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Re: Exhaust hitting

To: Barrie Robinson <>
Subject: Re: Exhaust hitting
From: Elliott and Martha DeGraff <>
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 11:20:31 -0400
A commercial spring shop can re-arch the rear springs, or you could buy 
new.  Most new springs will raise the car. somewhat.

Elliott DeGraff
2 71Bs and a 72B

Barrie Robinson wrote:

>I have a custom exhaust going over the rear axle on my MGB GT V8 but 
>the rear axle hits it over badish bumps.  Just enough to be 
>noisy.  Getting new exhaust piece will be expensive so I wondered if 
>I can raise the body up a bit - half inch would do it.   I see bits 
>in Moss catalog to lower car by an inch - so how do you raise it a 
>half inch?   I have looked at how she sits and it is a bit low at the 
>back (tired springs?) so could easily stand a bit more up.
>Thanks in advance for any responses
>Barrie Robinson
>Aston Martin DB 2/4 MkII in the wings
>PURVEYOR  of O-ring kits for Smith and Jaeger gauges
>                         Stainless steel mesh grilles for MGBs
>                         High-tech sound deadening materials
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