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Re: No oil pressure - rebuilt engine

To: don <>
Subject: Re: No oil pressure - rebuilt engine
From: Charles & Peggy Robinson <>
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 10:37:52 -0500
   The same thing happened to me on the first MGB engine I rebuilt. 
Fortunately I had a friend who ran a sporty car repair shop.  He 
explained that the basic gasket set was also used for another (was it a 
Mercedes?) engine and there were two oil pump gaskets in it.  The one I 
had used had the pump's output passage blocked.  That's how I found out 
that the pan could be removed with the engine in situ.  More work but it 
sure was a relief.  Those two gaskets were almost identical.  You have 
to try 'em on the pump to make sure all the holes are in the right place.


don wrote:
> Years ago, I rebuilt the engine in my '67 B GT and had no oil pressure 
> when I fired it up.  I tried priming it with a pressure tank loaned to 
> me by the machine shop that did the work on the engine.  I ended up 
> pulling the engine and tearing it apart only to discover that I had 
> messed up the oil pump gasket.  Don't remember for sure- I either had it 
> positioned wrong or used the wrong one from the gasket set.  In any 
> case, it blocked the gasket obstructed the oil passage.

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