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Re: Help with MGB purchase

To: MG LIST <>
Subject: Re: Help with MGB purchase
From: Eric Erickson <>
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 01:43:39 +0930
On 29/08/2006, at 11:58 PM, wrote:

> I guess I am suprised and a little disappointed folks.
> I posted a message this weekend about a friend looking at a 78 B  
> and  looking
> for advice on what to look for, and only got one response...a criptic
> message that only said one, two...and nothing else.
> Shall I tell my friend that the MGB folks don't have a clue what to  
> look  for
> when buying a used one?  Or that they just don't care to help a new  
> B  owner?

Well, you could suggest that we are busy playing with the cars WE  

I just tried popping "buying an MGB" into Google and the first few  
links looked like:

Funnily enough - they include material from people you will find on  
this list!

Maybe the hint is that you do some research (like one Google search)  
and then come to the list to "flesh out" or explain or even possibly  
debunk what you find.

Just a helpful hint.

In the meantime I just fly around the edges here and learn lots - and  
play with my car!

'68MGB  MkII
Adelaide, South Australia

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