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Re: New Blue

To: MG LIST <>
Subject: Re: New Blue
From: Eric Erickson <>
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 10:38:19 +0930
On 30/08/2006, at 3:51 AM, wrote:

>  Looks Great Eric,
> I like the blue accent on the lead edge of the hardtop, it really  
> ties it all together.
> What skins are you wearing up front?  They almost look like my  
> Ducati's Metzler ME55s...nice wheels too.

Ha, dare I say it?

I actually think that "lead edge" treatment looks OK, too.  Actually,  
I found an annoying air leak and put some blue race-tape along the  
edge after I got to the track that morning.  I am thinking of making  
it a permanent fixture!

As for my tires (and to answer this for other people who asked) I am  
currently using ADVAN (Yokohama) A048 205/50/15's and they are  
working well for me.

We have to use "road tyres" in my competition (or end up classed in  
with massively fast racecars on slicks)  but like my old favourites,  
the Bridgestone Potenzas, while these Advans have nice big blocks of  
rubber the tread has worked well on damp tracks, too (I haven't tried  
them on a really WET track). The sidewalls don't seem quite as rigid  
as the Potenzas but as I have gone for the relatively low profile  
(50's as opposed to the 60 profile I used with the Potenza) that is  
not such an issue.

They are sitting on some Nissan Bluebird, 15 inch rims that I bought  
as an experiment a few years ago.

I am a happy puppy with these tyres so far.

I have worked on quite a few tarmac rally events and I was impressed  
by the number of rally cars shod in these Advan tires. About 65%  
Advan and 25% Bridgestone Potenza. Drivers say they come up to  
temperature a bit more slowly but wear really well - of course an  
important feature over a four day rally event.

Adelaide, South Australia

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