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diesel rated oils

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Subject: diesel rated oils
From: Aaron Whiteman <>
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2006 08:53:30 -0800
In the November-December MOWOG murmers (the publication of the Puget- 
sound based MGCC), there is a rather interesting article entitled  
"oil is killing our engines".

It is written by the head of a shop in Brush Prairie, Washington  
(Foreign Parts Positively), after a seeing camshaft failure and  
calling the manufacturer to investigate.

Apparently the modern API oils lack the levels of Zinc, Manganese and/ 
or phosphates to provide appropriate lubrication.  The article goes  
into more detail (alas, I cannot find a copy online--it seems rather  
good), but the gist is "use Diesel rated oil for flat tappet engines".

I don't have any background in lubrication or oils--just that I  
religiously use GTX and always have.  This article has me considering  
a switch to Delo.  Has anybody else seen or heard other articles  
backing up the claim that modern oils are not-so-good?

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