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Miss Under Load

To: MG List <>
Subject: Miss Under Load
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2006 16:41:20 -0500
I am new to this list and have recently purchased a 1973 MGBGT.  Hopefully 
someone can help me sort out an engine miss I am experiencing at highway 
speeds when under load.  This miss is severe and is especially prominent 
when I reach about 60 MPH and press on the gas to go faster or if I put it 
in overdrive and accelerate, or if I start up a slight grade.  I do not 
experience the miss when the car is not under load.

When  I purchased the GT the PO had installed a pertronix ignitor in the 
distributor because he said that he had a lot of difficulty getting it to 
run smoothly with points and condensor.  For the first 500 miles or so 
after purchase the GT ran fine and only recently developed this missing 
problem.  I switched the ignition back to points and condensor but there 
has been no improvement.  The GT has the SU HIF carbs and I checked them 
for flooding and all looked in order.  I checked for fuel flow and there 
is no apparent problem there.  The fuel filters are clean and 
unobstructed.  I checked the spark plugs and they were not fouled and 
looked normal but I replaced the spark plugs and ignition rotor and still 
no improvement.  The distributor cap and wires were replaced by the PO and 
look good.  The GT idles smoothly and runs good around town in 1st, 2nd, 
and 3rd gears.  But once I get up to speed in 4th gear and in overdrive 
the missing occurs.  Any helpful ideas will be appreciated!  Thanks in 


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