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Re: Was RE: Wallpaper, now embroidery patterns

Subject: Re: Was RE: Wallpaper, now embroidery patterns
From: "Phil Bacon" <>
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2006 20:56:11 GMT
Max:   You may have been thinking of Triple-C in York Pa.  They do embroidered
logos, initials, British cars, etc. on their extensive line of clothing.
They'll also digitize your club logo, etc. for their files so you can club
personalize regalia.  Website is
Phil Bacon, Gold Coast British Sports Car Club, So Fla.
-- Barrie Robinson <> wrote:

My wife gets sweat shirts etc from the local shop who does logos on
them.   I once asked what it world cost to have my university logo
(quite fancy) embroidered on a shirt because he was doing several
with embroidery for a number of customers.  I cannot remember the
price but I do remember thinking that it was not bad even if I just
had two made.  I will ask him on Monday.  When you come to think of
it, it would be easy to scan then enter into a software program to
produce the file to run in an embroidery machine.

At 05:53 PM 12/9/2006, Max Heim wrote:
>I was under the impression that Moss sold MG-logo embroidered polo shirts,
>caps, long-sleeve denim shirts, and other items. Perhaps I was mistaken.
>It seems to me that the logo would be extremely simple to work out on graph
>paper -- it is entirely composed of straight lines, and very symmetrical. I
>gather that embroidery software uses a similar sort of grid.
>One might consider, however, that there still exists a business entity with
>the rights to the MG name and logo. Not that they are likely to bust you for
>unauthorized use on a tea cozy; but then, the RIAA is busily prosecuting
>students and grandmas over music copyrights, so...
>Max Heim
>'66 MGB GHN3L76149
>If you're near Mountain View, CA,
>it's the primer red one with chrome wires

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