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Re: top installation instructions

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Subject: Re: top installation instructions
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2006 10:17:05 -0000
Lyndsay Porter's 'Guide to Purchase and Restoration of the MGB', republished 
as 'The MGB Restoration Manual' is best for this, what follows is a summary. 
Use adhesive that gives you a bit of slip.  And definitely a hot garage. 
And make sure you have the correct top before starting to fit it, the 
gutters should fit close to the top of the drop-glass.

Mark the centre of the material (between the two seams) with chalk.  Apply 
adhesive to the middle third of the rail, which should be attached to the 
screen, and the corresponding part of the top.  Pull the top material 
forward, aligning the chalk mark with the screen steady bar, taut enough to 
remove wrinkles.  Ensure the gutters line up evenly with the tops of the 
door glasses, sliding the material one way or the other on the rail to do so 
(hence the need for slip).  Put more adhesive on the corners of the rail and 
material, and pull each corner forwards and outwards just enough to remove 
any sags and wrinkles.  Fit the draught excluder corners onto the rail using 
the screw and cup washer each side.  Glue the front of the material onto the 
face of the rail that sits on top of the screen frame.  Glue and screw or 
pop-rivet the channel for the rubber seal strip to the rail through the 
material, and cut off surplus material.  Ease the rubber seal into the 
channel.  This should be very slightly 'handed' in that one way round the 
two 'bumps' in the seal that contact the top of the screen frame are 
slightly forwards and the other way slightly back.  I have found that if at 
the back they get trapped by the lip on the top of the screen frame, whereas 
if fitted forwards it shuts cleanly.  With the rail clamped to the screen 
fit the 'cocks and hens' to the tags in the material to line up (with a bit 
of tension) with the male part of the press-studs fitted to the top of the 
screen uprights.


----- Original Message ----- 
> Top time....need to figure out the best way / approach to cementing to 
> vinyl
> to the header rail.  Does anyone have a written instruction sheet for this
> step they could send me or post?  Its a Robbins top in a hot garage that 
> has
> the snaps in the rear already installed when purchased.  Appreciate the 
> help.

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