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Re: Some People on the list

To: Jim Juhas <>
Subject: Re: Some People on the list
From: Charles & Peggy Robinson <>
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2006 12:58:03 -0600
It's an ambiguous simile.  "Apples and Oranges" is clear but "cheese and 
crackers" go together.

   Trouble is Bob, didn't get my point and, presumably, neither did you. 
  What I was trying to point out to TR6UO is that his snobbery regarding 
someone posting on the MG list regarding "Asian" cars could also be 
applied to him if/when he posted about his TR on a MG list.  I don't 
personally give a tinker's damn who posts what.  I don't have to read 
what I don't want to.

   This is my last post on the matter.

   Happy New Year to all,


Jim Juhas wrote:
> Mr. Houston is only the second person I know of who uses the phrase: 
> "cheese and crackers."  Hmmm.
> But I recently sold my MGB, and a Miata, but I still own yet one more 
> Miata.  I also have a Sprite and a Triumph TR6.  Where does that all 
> theoretically place my standing on this list?  Well, I do have 2 MGA's 
> all apart, but is that enough to offset my other transgressions from the 
> purity of the MG list?  (Those include, Harley Davidsons, a Cobra kit, a 
> Mustang, and a Peugeot bicycle.)
> Happy New Year and God bless.
> Jim
> wrote:
>> Cheese and crackers Charlie, lighten up.  First and foremost yes, but  
>> if we
>> are limited in our comments only MGs, then I better hold my Merry  
>> Christmas,
>> Happy New Year, and God Bless, right?
>> Further, if I sell my MGs, it doesn't make me any less an MG fan.  I  
>> don't
>> expect to be censored or restricted in my membership or comment,  
>> especially
>> by
>> a Yugo owner.
>> Oh, and Happy New year and God Bless.
>> Robert B. Houston
>> Rampant,  Inc.
>> 74.5 MGBGT
>> 73 MG Midget

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