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[Mgs] 1980 MGB Starter Problems

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Subject: [Mgs] 1980 MGB Starter Problems
From: "Valda and Merl Rosenthal" <>
Date: Sun, 6 Apr 2008 19:34:20 -0700
I have an problem with my starter on my 1980 MGB.  When the engine gets warm
my starter struggles to turn it over but always starts.  I had it tested while
it is struggling  and the starter draws 500 amps.  When the engine is warm and
I pull the positive wire off the coil and crank the engine the starter works
fine.  This is a new engine with about 600 miles on it.  I have tried 3
starters on this engine and they both do the same thing.  And the problem also
existed on the engine before my overhaul.  I have SU HS4 carbs, electronic
ignition, and no pollution devices. My timing is set at 15 BTDC but have
retarded it all the way to zero and the problem exists.  My valves are set at
.013 (warm) and plugs are gapped at .035.  I have replaced the cable from the
starter to the battery and the ground from the battery to the battery box.  My
transmission and engine ground are new and connections clean.  Has anybody
experienced a similar problem?  Any advice would be appreciated.

Merl Rosenthal
Support Team.Net

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