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Re: [Mgs] SU damper springs

To: "Bob Howard" <>
Subject: Re: [Mgs] SU damper springs
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2008 15:19:36 +0100
The site opened fine this morning from Google, and again this afternoon from 
the link in my email, although it did take a few moments to complete the 

There are indeed two red springs - one for what SU Burlen describes as 
'normal' suction chambers and one for 'ball bearing' suction chambers.

>From the Parts catalogue the spring is AUC 4387 in all cases, i.e. HS and 
HIF for the 4-cylinder MGB, i.e. the 'normal' suction chamber as described 
on the Burlen site.

The resistance at the given distance may well equate to what it is 
compressed to in the piston cover, but it doesn't matter how it is 
compressed, it should have the given resistance at the given distance, i.e. 
you can test it on a postal scale, which will be much easier than trying to 
test it inside a piston cover, even if you have been able to confirm the 
compressed distance.

Springs will indeed lose their resistance over time and heat cycles.  If you 
test yours and it is close to the spec then it should be OK.  However any 
spring can be tweaked to give a given resistance at a given distance, to be 
sure you really need two weights at different distances.  A 'heavy' spring 
could give much more resistance at a shorter distance, and a 'light' spring 
much less, even though they both may give the correct weight at the given 
distance.  If your car runs OK, i.e. you aren't chasing some really weird 
problem that varies with throttle opening, and your spring meets the spec, 
especially if it has the right paint colour, then I'd day your springs are 


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>  Thanks for the Burlen site.  When tried this morning, the page would
> not open, so I will try again later.
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