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Subject: Re: [Mgs] Ethanol and MG's
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Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2008 16:29:21 -0600
I'm not worried at all. I use to run gasohol in my 65B back in college
in Nebraska (central USA) for several years without any problems.
Gasohol has been in common use in that region for several decades. There
was a slight reduction in mpg but it also prevented fuel line freezing
in the winter. It also provides a small increase in octane rating. I
would still use it in my cars if they sold it around here. I can get it
in Wyoming, about 140 miles from here, for the same cost as the medium
grade octane (both rated at 89 I believe). I don't think its really a
big deal at least for the 10% mix.

David Councill
67 BGT
72 B

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Subject: [Mgs] Ethanol and MG's

Is anyone else concerned about the direction we are going with Ethanol
and it's effect on our cars?
Here in Florida, I am amazed with the speed that our state has thrown
it's arms around this corn based Anti-fuel. Not only will we get
bashed on mileage but I fear our engines will suffer.
Tell me I'm imagining a scenario that puts us off the road.

You will lose 2%-5% fuel mileage using 10% ethanol.

Decrease our independacy on oil??? That is to funny.

Ethanol contalins 76,500 BTU (1 gallon)
The amount of energy it takes to make ethanol is 98,000 BTU (1 gallon)

Looking for gas stations without E10,
Dave Houser
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