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Re: [Mgs] contact cement remover?

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Subject: Re: [Mgs] contact cement remover?
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Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2008 09:12:06 -0400

It may be naphtha.  But, I used to buy it where I bought my auto paint.

I just did a Web search & found it: 3MT General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner
"Specially blended solvent which provides easy cleanup of most types of
adhesives, bugs, greases and oils, overspray, silicone, waxes and tars. Will
not harm most thoroughly cured automotive paint, vinyl or fabrics when
properly used."
It is available in quart size container.


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Subject: Re: [Mgs] contact cement remover?

The solvent you are thinking of is probably naphtha.  It is the main
ingredient in lighter fluid which I frequently use for removing glue
residues.  I've never tried it on anything as large as an MGB hood so
don't take this as a recommendation or endorsement.

Charles Hill

Norm 2Bs wrote:
> Dave:
> A number of companies make solvent for that.  I use "Oops" & a "Label
> & Sticker Remover."  I seem to remember a solvent I used to buy in the
> paint shop by the quart.  Don't remember the name.  None of these
> damaged the paint, only the glue.
> Norm Sippel
> MG-less
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