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[Mgs] aluminum hood gauge

Subject: [Mgs] aluminum hood gauge
Date: Fri, 06 Jun 2008 21:37:39 +0000
Greeting illustrious List members.
   I have an aluminum hood on Project 71 MGB.
   I has a patch of body filler coming off in a big chunk right in the middle. 
Hood is dented, filled poorly.
   I will first use heat to remove old Bondo. Then, I'll try to straighten out 
the dent with hammer, dolly, and shrink alloy by heating and quenching.
   Should these attempts fail, I will use my Hobart Handler 150 with aluminum 
wire to put a new patch in place. 

So, at long last, the question is addressed: What Gauge aluminum is the hood 
covered in?

Other suggestions welcome, as long as they're polite ones!

---Sorry if I used the wrong word or spelling for "gauge" I get these wicked 
headaches, they badly affect my concentration. And sometimes, I ramble on and 
about things that aren't related to the subject at hand, too.
It's all on account of a car accident I had a .....
   (okay, you get the point)--
1946 MG-TC
Car # 1354
X-pag# 1945
black, green interior ( I think they all were at that point of mfg.)
(rolling basket case. I'd sell if offer was right)

1959 MGA 
Engine # BP15GB 13501
(Early 1956 motor. Balanced, reground isky cam about the same as the moss fast 
road cam grind. Oversize mgb valves.Sacraligeous overdrive. Yea, that's my baby 
Stock Glacier blue,
black int. white piping.(or was it grey? or blue?)
( I'd sell my guitars, amps, computers, big screen TV and some of my tools 
before I'd sell my MGA).

65 mgb #GHN3L/ 55205
no engine plate
Green, black w/ white piping interior
Not pretty, but runs, drives, a joy to drive!
   Probably for sale soon  :-(

1970 MGB # GHN5UA217587 G
Engine # 18G-WE-H-42967
Man 8/70
stock color Flame red. Black int.
   (Future project to sell after completion)

71 MGB # GHN5UB 220942 G
engine # 18GK-WE-H-1768
Man 9/70 
stock color  orange, black int.
   (Future project to sell after completion)

74.5 MGB# GHN5UE364051 G
Engine # (to be filled in later).
white with black int. (Wrong color to go with those Gigantibumpers).
 (Current bottomless pit project to sell after completion)

2000 Xterra to be for sale soon.

So many cars, so little parking.
Support Team.Net

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