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[Mgs] Bonnet Gauge. Revisited.

Subject: [Mgs] Bonnet Gauge. Revisited.
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 20:37:51 +0000
Greetings again-0-list.

three things.

1. I'm glad to have helped produce more laughter in the world with my spelling 
apology. :-)

2. Apparently no one knows the gauge of the bonnet aluminum. 

3. Concensus seems to be the Aluminum bonnet can't be fixed. 

my chosen brand of body filler (USC auto body Icing ) doesn't say it works on 
aluminum, though the people at the auto body supply shop said is would, 
F.W.I.W). filler package also says not to 
apply more than 1/8"  Thick. 
the dinner plate sized piece of filler flaking off my hood is about a1/4" thick.

I'll test your cynical ideas about the repairability of the aluminum bonnet, 
and post my results.
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