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[Mgs] Weber DFAV OEM application?

Subject: [Mgs] Weber DFAV OEM application?
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2008 19:47:07 +0000
Hello again my fellow MGers!

   I'm  looking for  a rebuild kit for a Weber 32/36 DFAV ( "23A  2B"  are 
listed over to the right of this notation, in case it means anything)
local car parts place couldn't find definite application for rebuild kit.
    I'm wondering if anyone knows an original application for this carb?
    I tried suggesting Ford products like Pinto, capri and Cortina, since this 
looks a lot like the carb. that was on my 67 cortina GT.
   they couldn't find a definite match.
   This specific carb. was taken from an air cooled V.W, but it was an after 
market "upgrade" for that motor.
   If anyone knows a car this unit was put on as OEM equipment, I would 
appreciate it, as going through Ebay takes several weeks.
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