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Re: [Mgs] Fan and Engine Mounting

To: "Bob Howard" <>
Subject: Re: [Mgs] Fan and Engine Mounting
From: "Ed Woods" <>
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2008 22:14:32 -0400

On closer inspection, I can see that, without the spacer, the metal fan 
would interfere with the front belt, the pulley on my car having two belt 
grooves. Guess I'll order that Moss part that Kelvin Dodd suggested, 
although I'm certain that the original will turn up in my garage as soon as 
I do.

Thanks so much for the enlightening conversation this past weekend. You 
supplied an important piece of the rear engine mount (transmission) puzzle. 
Once I knew that the upper bracket's straight side faced forward, the 
orientation of the bottom bracket followed in order for the two bottom bolts 
to line up. Using the forward of the two rubber mount holes in the cross 
member lined the X member up with the holes in the "frame". I wonder what 
the two holes to the rear are for, the standard four speed possibly? Are its 
mounting holes slightly to the rear of the ones in the LH overdrive?

Even the 3rd time through, it was not an easy job to get all those parts 
together and those four bolts started, but it sure was easier than the first 


Ed Woods
Support Team.Net

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