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[Mgs] 65 mgb restro sour grapes.

Subject: [Mgs] 65 mgb restro sour grapes.
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2008 06:28:24 +0000
Re: 65 Resto MGB.
Oh sure, that's neat  if your into that kind of thing. ;-)
   But Mines faster! :P
Eric "sour grapes" peterson.

From: "Stuart MacMillan" <>
Subject: [Mgs] Did anyone on the list buy this car?
To: <>
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Surprising what you can find goofing around on the 'net:   Spectacular early '65 MGB restoration.


My son's '64 project will look like this someday, only Tartan Red--if we
both live long enough!
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