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[Mgs] MG practicality

To: Paul Hunt <>
Subject: [Mgs] MG practicality
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2008 08:23:51 -0700
I love MGs but they are totally impractical!  I do drive a Miata and a Honda. 
Modern driving in much of the US is a war zone comprised of bad pavement, very
aggressive drivers, congested roads, traffic going 90 mph one minute, stopped
the next.  Driving an old MG in these conditions is just not pleasant or
If conditions were the same as they were in 1970, I would drive an MG as my
regular car.  It's a different world today. 

Quoting Paul Hunt <>:

> If you can't make your MG reliable, then maybe.
> PaulH.
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>   If MG owners were practical, they would replace their MGs with Miatas or
>   S2000s.
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