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Subject: [Mgs] MG 2008
From: "Jack Feldman" <>
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2008 07:15:18 -0500
I can't believe that no one has used this forum to thank the folks who put
on MG 2008.

Everywhere you looked there were host club members easily identified by
their fluorescent green T shirts ready to help answer questions or give

Every day there was a list of events that were a delight. If one didn't
interest you, there we at least two others to tempt.

I usually don't go to Tech Sessions, but I took Friday to hang out at the
hotel and made them my main activity. That and talking to folks from all
parts of the MG universe. They even had a preview of a not released movie
featuring the restoration of an MG as (at least to all of us), as it's main

So, thanks again, folks from Philly, we had a great time, which I know was
your plan, and I also hope your reward.

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