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Re: [Mgs] Spridgeteer HELP needed - clutch hydraulics

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Subject: Re: [Mgs] Spridgeteer HELP needed - clutch hydraulics
From: Peter C <>
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2008 15:37:16 -0500
If he does not want to use the 1275 flex line, then he should use the 
1098 and earlier slave cylinder. Those early slaves take a standard 
3/16 line with a 3/8-24 single flare, and you do need to coil the 
pipe for flexibility.

The 1275 slave takes a 7/16-20 unflared flexible hose and copper 
gasket. The pipe leading to it is also 1/4" pipe and is adapted at 
the master cylinder from 3/8-24 flare. He'll have a less pleasant 
pedal experience, but others have done it that way.

Peter C
At 02:30 AM 6/29/2008, Phil Bates wrote:
>      A  friend  of  mine  is  having  a hell of a time with his spridget
>      clutch   hydraulics.   He  has  a  bug-eye  sprite,  with  the  old
>      clutch/brake  master  (same as an MGA or early midget) - but he put
>      in  a  1275  engine  and trans.  Everything seems to fit except the
>      hydraulic  lines.  Looking at my MGA, I think he should adopt their
>      system - banjo and banjo bolt at the master cyl, and a flex hose at
>      the  slave  -  but he seems to want to go all flare end brake lines
>      that should (and have not yet) seat and seal - no flexline, but a 3
>      times around spiral for the rocking motion of the car.
>      Can  anyone relay experience that says the best way to go with this
>      type of conversion/set-up??
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