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Subject: [Mgs] Common Language
From: Rod Williams <>
Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2009 22:18:55 -0800
On Jan 6, 2009, at 9:38 PM, Simon Matthews wrote:

> who told you that English was written phonetically? They were wrong.

A number of years ago while working in the South of England, I had a  
day off to myself and decided to drive to the British Motor Museum. It  
is located in Beaulieu, Hampshire. For years I had worked with a brand  
of French motion picture camera spelled the same, which was always  
pronounced "Bo-Lew". Of course, I got lost driving to the museum but  
knew I was very close. Several times I stopped to ask the locals where  
"Bo-Lew" was and was met with blank stares. Finally, I asked where "Bo- 
Lew" was "you know, where the Motor Museum is". The local laughed and  
responded "oh, you're looking for "Bu-Lee"" I have never, never asked  
how "Beaulieu" became "Bu-Lee" and I never will. The museum was  
Rod Williams
Petaluma, California
1967 MGB
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