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[Mgs] Ignition Switch Issues?

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Subject: [Mgs] Ignition Switch Issues?
From: "Bill Snyder" <>
Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2009 18:15:23 -0500
Hello list. After being unstarted for a couple of months, I needed to crank
up the '67 MGB this afternoon and get her out of the garage. It is equipped
with a stock ignition switch and a starter button and has been since I
bought it 12 years ago. You typically turn on the ignition switch just the
finst click, not to the start position, and you can see the ignition lamp
light up and hear the fuel pump chatter. Today, nothing, so I thought the
battery was down. I hooked up the charger, and still nothing. After some
investigation, I found that if I turn the ignition switch all the way to the
"start" position, the fuel pump starts, and if the starter button is
depressed, the starter motor engages and the engine cranks. When the switch
is allowed to return to the "on" position, the engine dies because the fuel
pump stops.

Any ideas? Is my ignition switch shot? All help welcomed.

Bill Snyder
Waynesville, NC
'67 MGB
'53 MGTD
Support Team.Net

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