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Subject: Re: [Mgs] Ugly tappets
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Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2009 19:06:04 -0600

<<Before I started reassembling the head on my MGB, I thought 
it would be prudent to take a gander at the tappets.>>

"prudent" indeed AND a GREAT move !!

<<It turned out they were pretty nasty looking. See photos here:>>

Ugh AND Ugh !!

<<Curiously, the cam lobes themselves appeared perfectly smooth, 
with no grooves, and the plating did not appear worn through.>>

"Appeared" being the KEY word !!!  Cam SHOULD come out and
be inspected by a shop.  Cam bearings SHOULD be replaced!!

<<So I'm wondering if I can just install a new set of tappets and 
break them in. Comments?>>

Sure<G>.  NO and ABSOLUTELY NOT !!!  PERIOD !!

And Rick ?? :

<<If it were my engine (and I have BTDT) I would install a new cam 
and new lifters.  $.02>>

$100.00 NOT $.02<VBG>!!

<<OK, what about the proposition that this is wear caused by 
lack of zinc additives in Castrol 20W50?>>

In your case Max, 'lack' had ZERO 'cause' IMHO.

Further and again IMHO, a SERIOUS look see at Main & Rod 
bearingS is MANDATORY !!!  The 'metal' from that lifter set

IIRC your motor is 'tired' to begin with?!?!?  Add the 'condition'
of those lifters to the equation ....

If it was MY (er, Wife's <VBG>) motor or a Customers', or my
Big Healey's, and/or either of my '70 El Caminos' motors I would 
be doing a FULL rebuild.  PERIOD.

I am also fairly certain that in the back of your mind that you HAD
reached that conclusion AND that you KNOW I am correct.

Please visit my site at:      

PS:  For ALL Listers, I have been having the single WORST GROUP
of computer problems for the past (roughly) 10 days.  If you have
written me (or the reverse) PLEASE either RE-write me or REMIND
me as I have 'lost' a TON of 'stuff' including "saved" eMails<VBF>!!
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