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[Mgs] Ignition Problems

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Subject: [Mgs] Ignition Problems
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Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2009 20:35:48 -0500
Thanks to those who answered my previous query regarding a probable faulty
ignition switch. Apparently DPO solved the issue of a faulty switch by
adding a starter button. I have ordered a new switch, but now face another
issue. My MGB is a 1967, and as pointed out by some helpful listers,
switches of that era had only three connections:


Terminal 1 on the switch attaches to the white/red wire that goes to the

Terminal 2 attaches to white wires running to the a) ignition lamp, b) horn
push and c) ignition coil (via the tachometer).

Terminal 3 attaches to the brown wire that runs to the control box.


Apparently at one time there was some damage to my loom on some of these
circuits because DPO ran separate wire for a couple of these connections.

The white/red is spliced to a wire that runs through the added starter
button and from there to a contact on the solenoid.

Then to confuse things further, there are FOUR connections on my solenoid
including 2 heavy gauge black cables to the starter and battery
respectfully, the wire coming from the starter button, and a fourth run
directly from another ignition switch contact.


Now, to complicate matters, DCO (dumb current owner) marked the current
switch to indicate which or these confused wires attached where, then
promptly rubbed off my sharpie markings while trying to repair the switch.


I would like to rewire back to original configuration for future simplicity,
both for myself, and for either of my sons or other DFO's (d.future owners)
who might have need to trace down a problem.

Do I need a different solenoid? Can I just leave the 4th contact empty?

Are my indications of terminal connections to a new ignition as listed above

I'm wondering what filled the dash hole that currently contains the starter
button. I currently have from left to right on my metal dash 1) Ignition
switch, 2) windscreen washer button, 3) starter button 4) heater blower
switch and 5) wipers.


Other possible pitfalls that anyone can point out and other advise are also


Bill Snyder

Waynesville, NC
Support Team.Net

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