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Re: [Mgs] MG Original Pricing 1972

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Subject: Re: [Mgs] MG Original Pricing 1972
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Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2009 21:21:46 +0100
I suppose you're right Denise.
How are you btw.

When a design (MGB in our case) lasts that long, it must be a solid and good 
I still wonder why the GT was so expensive compared with the TR6 - remember 
the GT was discontinued in the USA market from 1974 on. Why?

Looking at these cars in Holland, the owners use these cars differently.
Sportscars are pretty rare overhere, because of the climate and because of 
how people look against cars.
When you have a sportscar, many people often think the owner is "showing 
off" to much.
The average Dutch mentality is more like behave like a "normal" person and 
nobody will think you are the showguy.

Personally I don't mind and do my thing, but pamper my classics.
This normally happens with most sportscars overhere.
I have the impression sportscars in the USA are more used like daily drivers 
and used more heavily.
Looking to the sate my BGT was in 1990 when I bought it as ex-Calif car, it 
was totally used and worn - neglected.

Got one MG and now the proud owner of 2 Puch mopeds (1970 & 1974).
Just this weekend I got the 2nd Puch restaured to pristine and got the 
engine starting after 18 months work.
I'll send you 2 pics seperately.



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> Hi Hans,
> IMHO, the MGB is a much better car than the TR6.  With its separate frame, 
> the TR6 has much more flex and rattle and the performance is not that much 
> better.  And there are some very iffy (American for 'dodgy') design 
> decisions.  Triumph changed models more frequently than MG did and they 
> didn't seem to take as much care with the design as MG did.  In my car 
> club experience, just like their cars, people who own MGs seem more 
> substantial than the boy racers who go for Triumphs.  When the San Diego 
> MG Club would have joint events with the Triumph club, the Triumph people 
> would drink like fish and then intentionally stick the MG people with the 
> bill.  Maybe it was that extra $100. ;-)
> Denise Thorpe, always controversial
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>> From: "Hans Duinhoven" <>
>> Subject: Re: [Mgs] MG Original Pricing 1972
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>> Nice to see what the options costed at these days.
>> Now I understand why the MGB GT sold so poorly in these days.
>> The Triumph TR6 only was some $ 100,00 more expansive than the BGT!
>> Although I like my GT very much, the TR6 is another vehicle class.
>> Cheers,
>> Hans
>> '71 BGT 
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