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Re: [Mgs] I would SURE...

To: "Mgs@Autox.Team.Net" <>
Subject: Re: [Mgs] I would SURE...
From: "Ed's Shop" <>
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2009 07:31:04 -0600
<<Dang, Ed, 'permission denied'! What'd I do???>>

FIRST, not editing your 'reply/question' Dan !!!! Of course you MUST enjoy
getting bounce notices from:
Spridgets               AND
because you did NOT delete them from you reply???  And just WHY would you
think that I NEED 1 message direct to me PLUS the one on the MGs
List??  If you will notice the ONLY reply to your question will be the one
ON the MGs List.  You will NOT get a private one<G>!!  Geesh.

Second, I have no idea.  I re-checked with both Firefox and I.E.6.

So I guess the question needs to be 'what browser are you using' ??

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