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[Mgs] Rectangular Bezel Removal - Update

Subject: [Mgs] Rectangular Bezel Removal - Update
From: Bert P <>
Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2009 20:04:26 +0100
Well, at last I decided to pry open the rectangular bezel - it came 
off easier than I expected.
(and later, after reassembly, it was practically invisible  that the 
clock had been opened).

It was NOT the electromagnet- controlled type I expected, rather 
there is a one transistor circuit
and an electromagnet that controls the forward and backward rotation 
of the flywheel.
So, the accuracy  is still determined by the mechanics, i.e. not by a 
quartz oscillator.

The problem was probably caused by a bad internal ground contact,
I'm not totally sure, but after cleaning the internal contacts, the 
clock now works fine again.

That is the end of the story!


>It has been many, many, years ago since I have dismantled such a clock.
>IIRC there is an electromagnet inside that rewinds the coil spring when it
>is out of action.
>This happens every 5 minutes or so, causing the clock to 'click'.
>There is no mention of 'quartz' on the face of the clock,  so it is not an
>electronic one.
>Come to think of it, probably the contact breaker points for the magnet
>inside the clock are corroded
>(as was the case with the engine distributor, the car would not run
>since having been standing for over 20 years. Cleaning the CB points cleared
>that problem.
>They were replaced shortly after, of course).
>So, I'm now thinking of trying an electrical trick first, before
>I'll keep you informed.
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